God's Plan of Salvation

to be saved we must...


We must HEAR the Word.

Without hearing God's Word, we wouldn't know that we're sinners and learn what we must do to be saved.  Hearing alone isn't enough... We must also Believe.

Romans 3.23Romans 6.23


We must BELIEVE what we hear.

We must believe what we hear, if we do not, we will not be saved.  Believing alone doesn't save us... We must also repent.

John 8.24


We must REPENT of our sins.

We are separated from God because of our sins.  Repenting is setting aside our sins and put forth the effort to no longer sin.  It's a lifestyle change to be conscious of sin.

1 Corinthians 6.9-11; Isaiah 59.2


We must CONFESS our faith.


We must be BAPTIZED.


We must remain FAITHFUL.

Christian Responsibilities

Spiritual Sacrifices  Individual learning/teaching   Service to other   Godhead, Family, others, self

Work of the local church

Evangelism  Edification  Benevolence 

Worship of the local church

Lord's Supper   Giving   Teaching   Prayer   Singing

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