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Meet Our Minister

Bob Myhan


Bob Myhan

Bob heard and obeyed the gospel in 1974 while serving in the US Marines. Two fellow Marines noticed him reading the Bible every time he was in the dining facility and approached him asking if he’d heard of the church of Christ.  Bob had been raised in the Baptist denomination and that’s all he really knew.  He began to study with them discovered he really hadn’t heard the gospel until this time at the age of twenty-four. 


With devoted study he began to fill-in preaching soon after and full-time preaching in 1977. He ministered for the Cleveland, TN church of Christ from ’77-’81, for the West Hamilton church in Hamilton, AL from ’83-’99 and has been with the Forest Hills congregation ever since.  He also preaches for Hardies Chapel church of Christ on Sunday evenings since 2018.


Bob’s has a diverse educational background from attending the University of South Carolina from ’74-’75, Florida College in 1975, and Chattanooga State from ’77-’80.  With his experience he’s had several debates with denominational preachers defending the gospel.  Bob has a Facebook and YouTube channel called Bob's Bible Basics, where he's live every Monday at 8pm EST.  He makes the Bible more clear and understandable by making the complicated simple and the advanced basic.  He’s also an administrator on a Christian Facebook group “Answering Religious Error (ARE)’ of more than 5K members and is a speaker on two live ARE shows aired weekly.


Bob authored “Water Baptism and Salvation” taking an in-depth look at the importance of Baptism to one’s eternal salvation.  The book is published Erhardt Publication (ISBN: 9780986041235) and can be obtained from or


And last but not least, Bob has a lovely daughter and two grandchildren whom he loves dearly.  |  Tel: 478-476-4768 (please leave a message)

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